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Students gain the three Cs

In order to make it to the top of your profession, you need great coaching to help you along the way. CHAMPS provides coaching to students through direct service, peer-to-peer mentoring, tutoring, group or individual counseling, and money management instruction.

Confidence is the byproduct of a lot of little successes. CHAMPS gives students the opportunity to build capacity with various opportunities develop public speaking skills, meet with policymakers, and plan activities on the Student Leadership Council.

Preparation for a career
Fully engaging in university life should afford many opportunities to students, and a career ranks high on that list. CHAMPS assists students in obtaining scholarships, internships, and work-study assignments; resume building, improving interviewing skills, obtaining a career mentor, and on-the-job experience in order to help with future employment and timely graduation.


  • WSU Academic Success Center

    Meet with a Learning Specialist to strengthen your study skills; attend tutoring and Supplemental Instruction sessions to reinforce course material and learn techniques to master difficult concepts; participate in study skills workshops to develop new strategies to better manage your time, take notes, improve concentration and more. The ASC is located in suite 1600 Undergraduate Library (UGL). 


  • WSU Student Disability Services

    SDS' mission is to ensure a university experience in which individuals with disabilities have equitable access to programs and to empower students to self-advocate in order to fulfill their academic goals.


  • WSU Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS)

    Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS) at Wayne State University provides FREE mental health evaluation and treatment for currently enrolled WSU students. 

    Confidentiality is strictly maintained. 
    The first step in accessing services is a triage which is usually handled on a drop-in basis. Students just need to come to our offices on the 5th floor of the Student Center Building on campus. Triages usually take about 45 minutes and are primarily to identify the presenting problems, degree of clinical urgency, and determine if CAPS is the right provider. Referrals are made for students who may be better helped elsewhere. Students will then be scheduled for an intake appointment with a CAPS counselor (not necessarily the same clinician who conducted the triage) who will conduct a more in-depth assessment and recommend a course of treatment.

    Most students are seen for individual therapy, however, group therapy, psychiatric care, psycho-educational workshops, couples counseling, and family therapy are also offered.

    All services at CAPS are provided at NO COST. For couples and family counseling, one of the participants must be a student. 

    Because of the high demand for mental health services, we maintain a waiting list at certain times during the year. However, it is our goal to see students as quickly as possible.


  • WSU Campus Health Center

    The Campus Health Center provides a wide range of primary healthcare services to keep Wayne State students healthy and ready to learn. Below are some of the healthcare services we provide. 
    Illness Care
    Preventative Health Care
    Routine Health Care
    Health Promotion

    Campus Map



  • WSU Dean of Students Office (DOSO)

    The Dean of Students Office (DOSO) at Wayne State University creates a dynamic campus community that develops and serves our diverse residential and commuter student population, as well as our global community, by:

    Enhancing the academic experience through co-curricular programming Developing tomorrow's leaders in the urban landscape of Detroit Encouraging civic engagement through community service in the city of Detroit Promoting civility on campus and citizenship in the city of Detroit and the state of Michigan Instilling school spirit and pride


  • WSU Career Services

    Career Services is dedicated to providing resources targeted to meet the career needs of our students, alumni, employers, and university community with a common sense of purpose that shapes their future.  

    We work diligently to promote student retention and success through experiential learning-based programs, university engagement, the assessment of learning outcomes, and collaborations with external organizations.

    We invite you to explore our programs and services in an effort to enhance your career options.


  • WSU Office of the Provost

    The Office of the Provost provides leadership, sets academic goals and assists in planning and facilitation for around 370 programs through 13 schools and colleges. We encourage knowledge creation and research through multiple other units, including:

    Centers and Institutes 
    University Libraries
    Wayne State University Press
    Office for Teaching and Learning


  • WSU Educational Opportunity Center (EOC)

    The Educational Opportunity Center (EOC) provides free academic, vocational, career and financial aid information to first generation college students wishing to pursue a program of post-secondary education.

    The Educational Opportunity Center is a community-based program with support from secondary, post-secondary, community and government agencies. The project services 1,000 adult clients annually from our campus office and various community site offices in the target area.


  • WSU Warrior 360

    Warrior 360 (W360) is designed to help you achieve ultimate academic success as a Wayne State Warrior. Our Wayne State experts will work directly with you through peer success partnering and professional success coaching to maximize your college experience and help you develop from a student to a scholar!

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